Let's get that Waist on Lock!
Let's get that Waist on Lock!
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My name is Lina Lockhart and Waist on Lock was established in 2019. As the founder of Waist on Lock, I've struggled with my own imperfections for years. Although I've always maintained a level of confidence through my understanding that, we are all beautiful, in various shapes and sizes. There were and still are things I want to improve. I would shop for shapewear, only to be disappointed. The roll downs, tugging and pulling; to the nonexistent compression or worst being so uncomfortable I just wanted to snatch it off! Not to mention the waist trainers that barely covered my entire abdomen. With all of the combined disappointments, Waist on Lock came to life. Offering customers quality pieces that provide the compression and coverage your looking for. With that being said...Let's get that Waist on Lock!